How to clean laminate floors

Part of the reason for the popularity of laminate floors is their easy maintenance and cleaning. In this article we’ll show you how to clean laminate floors effortlessly so you have more time to put your feet up!

To get started you will need two things: a microfibre mop and a suitable cleaning solution.
Microfibre mop to clean laminate floors

1. Microfibre mop

Microfiber mops glide across the floor picking up dust and pet hair effortlessly. The swivel head makes it super-fast to clean large areas, and they get under tables and chairs with ease.

They also require less water, which is important when dealing with laminates because they warp easily if exposed to water.

2. Cleaning solution

Laminate floor cleaning solutionYou can use a homemade cleaning solution or buy a manufacturer’s solution. An excellent recipe for home-made laminate floor cleaner is simply to take 1 part vinegar and put it in a spray bottle with 3 parts water. It works a treat, especially for cleaning high gloss laminate.

We also recommend and distribute Krono Kleen Wood and Laminate Flooring Cleaner. It’s 100% natural and is really great for your floors.

Whichever solution you use, squirt the solution onto the mop pad as opposed to spraying it directly onto the floor. One or two squirts of spray should be sufficient to clean a 3 x 3 metre area with ease. Remember – never to pour water directly onto laminates as the wood fibre core can swell and warp the plank.

How to clean laminate floors – instructions

  1. remove surface dirt using a dry mop or vacuum cleaner set to ‘wood floors’
  2. dampen the microfiber pad with warm water and spray on the cleaning solution
  3. mop the floor
  4. when the microfiber pad gets too dirty simply – rinse, replace and continue
  5. when you are finished, rinse the microfibre pad and put it in the washing machine.

Cleaning tips

  • It is best to sweep or vacuum in the direction that the floor is laid in to collect all the dirt between the grooves instead of trapping it.
  • Have a spare microfibre pad or two so you always have one to quickly mop up spillages while others are in the wash.
  • You don’t need to haul a bucket of warm water around with you. One microfiber pad can easily last for two rooms or more so you don’t need to rinse it out in the sink very often. There’s no squeegeeing or high-duty wringing like with a spaghetti mop

What NOT to do when cleaning laminate floors

  • Do not use spaghetti mops or sponge mops that use a lot of water.

    Laminate floor boards warping

    Laminate boards warping due to water spills

  • Do not clean the floors kneeling with a wet cloth.
  • Do not use a vacuum or broom if your laminate floor has a high gloss or piano surface. Instead, use a dry mop to clean loose surface dirt and then proceed to use a damp mop with cleaning solution.
  • Never soak the microfiber mop pad – just dampen it
  • Wipe up any large spills immediately with a sponge, dry cloth or paper towel to avoid warping or staining.
  • The laminate floor surface is not real wood, so you should never wax, polish, re-surface or sand it.
  • Do not use anything with chemicals that promote a clean and shine.
  • Do not use bleach or abrasive cleaners that can scratch the surface.

If you follow the simple cleaning instructions above and avoid the ‘NOTs’, your floors will be a pleasure to maintain. No need to get on your hands and knees. No buckets of water or expensive cleaning agents or waxes … it’s as easy as 1,2,3.

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