Custom door and window blinds

Blinds bring style and functionality to any room

Need the perfect window or door coverings to bring out the best in your home or office? Then look beyond curtaining and consider the many creative, stylish and functional options provided by blinds.

We supply and install a wide variety of custom, made-to-measure door and window blinds that will complement any room and offer just the right amount of light filtering and privacy.

Types of door and window blinds

These are some of our most popular products:

  • Roller: Consist of a single piece of material that is rolled up or down. Unlike most other types of blinds, they do not have slats.
  • Vertical: Made of long slats suspended from a track at the top of a window or door. They draw to the side rather than being lifted or lowered.
  • Panel: Similar to vertical blinds in that they hang vertically and are drawn sideways. However, the slats consist of much larger panels that create a distinctive look. They are available in fabric and bamboo.
  • Venetian: Composed of horizontal slats suspended by strips of cloth or cords. The slats can be made from metal, plastic, wood or bamboo. The whole blind can be lowered or raised, and the slats can be tilted at angles to control the light.
  • Roman: Created from a single piece of material that is pulled up into a pleated position when drawn upwards. This gives it a layered, textured, and luxurious effect that makes it a classic choice for window blinds.
  • Zebra: Constructed with alternating bands of dark and clear fabric, creating a zebra pattern. When they are rolled up or down the bands cross over each other, enabling varying degrees of light to enter.

Advantages of blinds over curtains

  • Adjustable light: With slatted blinds you can adjust the amount of light coming into the room, from full sunlight to complete blackout and everything in-between.
  • Easy maintenance: Slatted blinds can be cleaned using a cloth and don’t have to be taken down to be washed like curtains.
  • Choice of materials: Blinds come in a wide range of materials from fabric to plastic, aluminium and wood.
  • Different types: Whereas curtains are just curtains, blinds come in a wide variety of forms such as roman blinds, venetian blinds, zebra blinds and vertical blinds.
  • Motorisation: Many blind types can be motorised or be automated to open and close at chosen times.
Wooden roller blinds

Let us help you make the right choice

Not sure what to choose or which colours and materials will work for you? No problem – we’ll come out and bring samples for you to look at, and we’ll give you the expert décor advice that will truly bring out the best in your living spaces.

All our door and window blinds are custom made to suit your requirements, and all products are backed by a factory guarantee.

Other products

Tired of cold floor tiles or dirty old carpets? Then follow the trend and consider our attractive, durable and cost-effective wood laminate flooring or vinyl flooring. The combination of vinyl or laminate flooring with stylish, modern blinds is unbeatable.

Service areas

We serve the greater Vaal Triangle region. For more details, read door and window blinds in Vereeniging, Vanderbijlpark, Sasolburg and surrounds.

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